Festival Code Of Conduct

Fesitval Code Of Conduct

Tel Aviv Improv Festival is dedicated and committed to creating and learning the craft of improvisational Theater. We aim to provide a fun, friendly, encouraging, trusting, safe and supportive environment throughout the festival where people can enjoy performing and watching improv. We are devoted to providing a harassment-free space regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body type, or race. Our goal is to be respectful, open, safe and accessible to our Festival community. In short Tel Aviv Improv Festival will not tolerate harassment.

  • Improvise from a place of fun, love, respect and kindness towards others
  • Do not compete. Collaborate
  • Do not insult or criticize
  • Focus attention on your teacher and those performing
  • Behave professionally, and respectful towards others
  • Comedy does not come at someone else’s expense
  • Sexist, racist, and exclusionary behaviour or jokes will not be tolerated
  • Abide by safety rules while onsite
  • No drug use or alcohol use when attending classes, teaching or performing
  • Be on time for workshops
  • Please put your cell phone on silent
  • Do not record of photograph participants without their explicit permission.
  • Respect physical/sexual boundaries on and off stage
  • Maintain physical safety. Do not put yourself or others at risk of injury
  • If the scene is putting people at risk physically or emotionally, the scene can be stopped by the participant or instructor.

Consequences for breaching our Code of Conduct will be dealt with accordingly and may consist of but not limited to: warnings, apologies, probation, suspension, or even removal from the premises. All decisions in regards to situations will be at the discretion of the Artistic Director and Executive.

If you have any concerns on any issues above please contact Doron at [email protected]

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