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Improv Festival workshop Line up

We are happy to offer professional improv workshops with top-tier international instructors. Take this chance to explore a wide range of subjects and techniques that will challenge you and help you develop as an improviser. Workshops are divided according to levels, so that you can find what is most appropriate for your current journey in improv

#All worshops will be in English, unless otherwise noted#

in this page you can find all information about the 2020 festival workshops , please read all the details and once you decided what to purchase click on any of the tzavta theater link to buy the tickets at the theater . important - workshop will be signed only after purchasing from ticket website and receiving confirmation mail from the festival .

Festival workshop Level

Beginners level - up to one year improv experience

Intermediate level - 1 to four years of improv experience

Advanced level - more than 4 years of improv experience

Professional level - 8 years of improv experience

Wednesday Workshops 1|04|2020

No Events


Thursday Workshops 2|04|2020

No Events


Friday Workshops 3|04|2020

No Events


Saturday Workshops 4|04|2020

No Events


Workshops Venues

Tzavta Theater

our workshops will be at the center of tel aviv at tzavta theater the historical music and theater venue
Tzavta (Hebrew for “together”) is a theater and cultural center that was established in 1958 by the poet Avraham Shlonski. Today, Tzavta is one of the leading cultural institutions in Israel, known for its progressive culture with over 100 cultural events held every month- musical concerts, theater, cabaret, reading programs and art exhibitions.

Improv Theater

some of our workshops will be at our group theater in tel aviv .
Improvtheater Israel was founded in 2007 by Anna Preminger ,and is currently the primary home of Israeli improvisation and is located at yitzhak sade street number 32

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